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Thread: idea for alternative associations change

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    idea for alternative associations change

    (first of all sorry for my english)

    We all know the changes that will interest associations from next season. I think this is not fair for teams that make any effort to pass to the next level but they can't. If the aim is to penalize managers who don't pass the level voluntarily, I am agree to try to penalize them but not in this way. So I write this to propoe my idea: why don't reduce by one star/20% every team not only who pass the level?

    I hope that admins will read and replay me.

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    I totally disagree. The changes are perfect and it's going to put a stop to **** that's been going on for years in associations. Sorry but finishing in the top 8 requires minimal effort and only inactive managers or tankers finish below that mark. Best update we'd have for years !