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Thread: Looking to build something special!

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    Dec 2019

    Looking to build something special!

    OPEN to ALL.

    TAG: Q3KDV9
    Cape Atletico Club

    Looking for 1 or 2 players that are on daily wand want to imporve.
    Associtation is currently rank bronze since I started it yesterday.
    Would like a couple of people that can be on daily and want to build something special from the ground up.
    Will grant Vice-Captain to first team over 80 to join up.

    Don't run with the crown make your own way with a new and exciting Association.

    Open and willing to work with someone on making discord and other options for the Association to communicate.

    Thanks to all that read and cheers mates.

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    Sep 2017
    Newly created assoc Dark Squad (Bronze 2 next season) looking for one dedicated manager who wants to join us for a journey to platinum. You welcome to join us at #1UVGCE.