We have had a member suddenly leave our platinum association, we did well last year and stayed in comfortably so it gives us a great starting base to stay there again, generally prefer uk/Europe based members but current members from Brazil to Indonesia lol so being English speaking and happy to chat probably more important. home games currently 10am uk time, and you need to attend at least most games and be maxed out bonus and share bonuses without fail, life sometimes gets in the way of an online game but preparing your team to be its best if you are occasionally absent and swapping that bonus in the day long build up should be a basic expectation if you’re taking the game serious enough to want to play platinum and respect the efforts your teammates put in.

1 needed for good platinum asso-82332358_3141712805858831_3204661123169124352_n.jpg

1 needed for good platinum asso-81812318_3141712585858853_3021525487194210304_n.jpg