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Thread: Gold 1 Association looking for 1 member

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    Gold 1 Association looking for 1 member

    International Association looking for 1 member!

    Level: Gold 1 Already staying in the category for this season. 1234 Points after 3 cups. We won 2/3.
    Needless to say that we will chase to gain that platinum promotion next season.
    Requirements: English Speaker, able to chat with us on WhatsApp or Viber.Must be Active on all Association Matches. Preferred team rating>95%.

    Some extra info for us:We play the game to have fun and we love building a strong community inside our association.

    For further information do not hesitate to contact me.

    Only serious applicants will be taken into consideration.
    Thank you very much!

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    May 2018
    I would like to join. Have vast experience 48 level... Team currently 86% but in new season it will be above 100 as i have tokens.

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    Level 11 and quality 104 at the moment.