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Thread: Platinum Association In Need of a Member.

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    Platinum Association In Need of a Member.

    We're looking for one active manager from 90% quality and more, if you wanna join after the season ends that's also fine just message me and we'll arrange it.

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    Hey im Fresh Level 4, won 2x leagues , 2X CL , 2x Super Cup and 2x the Cup, 1 Time quadruple and once CL,Cup and Super Cup. My Team Quality is from 87% Nope with only Players from 18-21 and my best is about 96-97% when i dont take only youngsters, so i will have much Quality Progress and already have a near 100% Team, as Said only youngsters 87-90% - all got Special Skills, some have 2.
    Players Too all have high white and low to very los Grey’s.
    Would Love to join a Good active association. Thanks and plz Message me