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Thread: Returned to T11, looking for Gold association

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    Returned to T11, looking for Gold association

    I've returned to T11 in the middle of this season and I'm looking for a Gold association, pref Gold 1.
    I'm level 35, my team will be at roughly 95% at the first weekend next season, as I'm still transitioning into better players. You can expect me to be at about 105-110% at the end of next season. I've trained an AMR fast trainer to 120% this season (white skills currently at avg. 195%) and a DC FT to 100% (whites at 145% so far). This gives an idea of what kind of team I'm looking to build, defs/MCs at ~100%, off-players at ~140%.

    Please DM me.

    Cheers, Polo

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    Good luck
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