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Thread: Looking for Active Platinum/Diamond Association

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    Feb 2021

    Looking for Active Platinum/Diamond Association

    Team available to join Association. Currently 106% And likely to end the season with 130%

    Reply or DM if you wanna know more about my team

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    May 2018
    Platinum asso looking for passionate member who knows how to win:
    - not more than 110 now, but good white skills
    - 3x points
    - training 40%, training others and attending matches
    - speaking English or Dutch
    Home time: 10 am
    Find us: #PRV5KU

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    Dec 2017
    Gornja Lomnica, Croatia
    Hi mate,

    I'm also looking for a at least platinum association.
    Strength of my team is now 119%. You can find my team MeŇ°trica in my current association #GXHZFP

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    Nov 2018
    Hi guys, looking for a active member for our association, we dropped down to gold 1 only because we had an inactive member! I am captain, looking for a football lover, someone whos social and at least 100prcnt. All my guys are cool,, so just want a player who wants to win n enjoy the game. Our team name is Asskickeroos n Dragonslayers. English speaking preferred but aslong as we can be in the same page, no problem. Much luv everyone.

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    Aug 2020
    TCB Snipers
    Tag: #TEJABS
    Match time: 9:00 (EST) ~14:00 (UK)
    Current Division: Platinum

    We are a laidback group who chat every week and coordinate bonuses on weekends. This is the only requirement to stay as long as you are not inactive. : )

    We have one spot empty due to one person leaving the game but we are a very competitive group. We are looking for a like minded person for the last spot.

    We would prefer to invite a person who is level 20 or higher, 1 orange star team or better, developed stadium, committed to the game, and communicate in the association chat.