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Thread: Top Diamond association has vacant seat

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    Top Diamond association has vacant seat

    As of next season, our international association of experienced and tactically very skilled managers will have a vacant seat.

    We are ambitious, all of us win treples and quadruples regularly, and we are currently very close to promotion zone from Diamond to Ultimate. In the old association structure, we got promoted every season and climbed straight from Bronze 3 to Platinum. In the new structure, we were promoted to Diamond right away.

    We are a closely tied group, not a day goes by when we don’t communicate, we also support each other in League, Cup and CL games. We’re fond of sharing tactical tips, new ideas and results of experiments. We all recognize the enormous tactical depth of the game, and we realized long ago that there is always more to learn and more tactical terrain to explore. And so constantly learning and sharing are important parts of our DNA.

    Unlike many other top associations, we are a very empathetic group. We win and (rarely) lose together, we are friends, and we have each others’ back. We’re also having lots of fun, even when we’re being dead serious in our constant attempts to optimize.

    If you can see yourself blending well into this, you are most welcome to apply if you live up to the following criteria:

    - You’re always in top 3 in League
    - Your white skills are high, greys low
    - …maybe due to farming mutants
    - You have won many trophys
    - You are a strong tactician
    - You are able to play many different formations
    - You adapt to your opponent

    aside of what we take for granted with any serious player:

    - You are present when we play
    - Your bonuses are always on max
    - You speak English, and you can hardly wait to speak to us 🙂

    Please prepare screenshots of your team, current League table, all-time result list and trophy collection. Then apply by replying here, by PM here or via our hashtag:

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