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Thread: Looking for an active Association (Platinum +)

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    Looking for an active Association (Platinum +)

    Hi everyone!

    Looking for an active at least Platinum/Diamond FA.

    I'm an active daily player, with everyday trainings with 40%, supporting other teams and having my team around 100-110% at least every season.

    I'm also x3 player, and last 2 Platinum seasons I had +100 FA points for my team.

    If I fit your requirements and FA is EU timing based, please send me an invitation. My team is "FC Un1que", manager name "TheUn1que"

    Thanks and let's progress together!

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    Jun 2020
    i have one available position on my association, we are all active members and we are currently on Platinum Division looking for promotion
    the name of the Association is Kingsbridge.
    association tag: #7ZZ4JO