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Thread: Platin looking for one more player

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    Platin looking for one more player

    Tag: #YXVNAX
    Stats: 123-58-67-47

    Send a request if u know the tacticts and if u are an active player.

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    Hi. I like the look of your association and have just sent a request to join in-game.

    I'm a returning player. I was in a Platinum association back when Platinum was the top division and was consistently picking up a lot of points and regularly beating better % teams. I had assembled a really good team then, but sadly, I got locked out of my Facebook account and lost access to that team, so I stopped playing. Upon hearing about Top Eleven going 3D, I knew I had to come back!

    I started playing the game again just 5 days ago, so I still have a lot of improving my team to do but I managed to finish 3rd place in the league (having taken over a team that was in 8th place with 5 games remaining in the season). So I have a 3x multiplier now.

    I'm a daily player and I'm very active. I'm on Top Eleven a lot, either playing my games, training my players, looking for new players for my team or watching other managers' games. You can also count on me to attend all the association games, to share bonuses every time and to be an active member.

    There's more info about my team (and also my old team, to give you a better idea)/screenshots in my Dropbox: