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Thread: Remove events for association points

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    Remove events for association points

    It is unfair that managers who don’t perform can just play an event and gain association points to easily move to higher divisions.
    Association points should ONLY BE OBTAINED FROM MATCH RESULTS!.
    Please remove that feature from the game, thanks.

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    that's what nodeus wants.
    for managers to stay in higher division to do well in their event.
    if you guys login and play the game more then they're happy more.

    you probably dont play other online or mobile games.
    but this kinda event is like raid for other games where manager need to spend and grind in order to get and achieve the standing points that separate casual player and hardcore player.
    in online and mobile player, hardcore player = great player

    this is normal for online and mobile games.
    if you want easy game that suits and cater to your liking, then football manager is the best and i highly recommended for you.
    for mobile games this is what you'll get. simple
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    Keep it! Just got to ultimate on the back of completing the last unite cup.