Despite being quite worn out and on the path to leaving this game, I would like to express and suggest to the moderators, analysts, and programmers of this game with the aim of improving the confederation competition as a whole.

• We never know from Nordeus/Top Eleven how other confederations obtained their points each week, how the draws were made, or if the confederation in question earned its points fairly and justly over the four weeks. How about considering making this information public, at least on a weekly basis or per season, and consequently storing summarized information, as it is done in the standard competitions of Top Eleven (league, cup, champions, and super cup)?

• We are aware that groups of users who join together plan to standardize their teams in order to face each other and manipulate results to maximize points in as many weeks as possible each season, ensuring consistent high earnings. How about doing something to intervene in this unpleasant situation and strive to make the competition as fair as possible? This could involve punishing those who exploit flaws/loopholes in the confederations and reducing the frequency of draws between allied confederations.