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Thread: Delayed Substitutions

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    Delayed Substitutions

    I got well and truly stitched up today, when my star striker (its never the crap one), got injured late in a game. I immediately arranged a sub and returned to the game in the 80th minute, still at 0-0.
    However the game took so long for my sub to come on and the other team scored against my ten men and went on to win 1-0!
    I'm sorry but this does not happen in real life, and usually a sub is sorted out almost as soon play re-starts. It took almost ten minutes (not including the ten minutes that seemed to fly-by whilst quickly sorting out my straight swap) for the sub to come on and a total of 17 minutes from the injury.
    These must be some pretty entertaining games if there are no stoppages in 10 minutes of play, to allow a sub to come on!
    I've quickly realised that there is no point making subs after the 80th minute as they rarely get on the pitch, but in cases such as injury, you have no choice.
    SORT IT OUT as this just feels like another way of ripping us off, or forcing us to pay for something that is offered for free. (The Rest Pack).

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    I know where your coming from .

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    Are you complaining about the loss or the delayed subs? Because the loss probably wasn't down to that injury. Also, some say an injury doesn't bring you down to 10 men, but the injured player becomes less effective.
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    It all depends on the comment (injury) stretcherd off, unable to carry on, **** his pants, usually OK for another 10 minutes but may have to play long balls to his team mates.
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    Maybe the loss was co-incidental, i dont know as i cant remember the exact terms of the injury, but my main gripe was the whole subs thing in general. Given that they offer a Rest Pack for making a sub during the game, they also seem to do their best at denying us the opportunity to earn it.
    Subs take so long to come on that if your sub is tactical based, it could work against you, for example if your opponent changes tactic, and you attempt to counter it. Any delay could be crucial. The 'real life' delays should be compensated by your own actual thinking and subs time as the clock runs down. You shouldn't then have to wait up to another ten minutes for a stoppage to enable your player to actually come on.
    There are so many of these annoyances to the game that the developers are just short of making the ultimate soccer manager sim.