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Thread: Jersey bug

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    Jersey bug

    Hi everybody, I have some problem with removing a jersey. And for what I have seen, this is not the first time that happens.

    I have three jerseys; one black/white, another red/blue and another green/yellow.
    Currently I have the red/blue selected as Home Kit, and the green/yellow selected as Away Kit.

    I want the black/white to be the Home Kit, but when I do that, the green/yellow one setts as unused and the red/blue is now the Away Kit.
    I put the green/yellow again to Away Kit, but the red/blue is now the Home Kit again, setting the black/white one as unused.
    So the problem is that the red/blue can be the Home or Away Kit, but ALWAYS is used, I mean, it never setts as unused and able to delete.

    I tried reeplacing it with other jerseys too. This is too annoying.
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    I'll also a jersey problem. I used 37 tokens to buy the lion logo/jersey package TWICE and was unable to use/select it!? Is it automatically change once I brought it or how can I find my purchased item and use them? By the way, I'm using iphone5 playing this game.

    My game login is the same as my Facebook. Hope some game masters can help me on this as I'll spend some hard earned money on the token.