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Thread: All Games Played

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    All Games Played

    Today morning I login to my account and had a surprise. All of the 26th round of league games have been played. My game at 17:15 as well.

    The score that I remember was :
    Extiyar FC vs Club El Verde : 3-1
    TRABZONSPOR vs hapis ain FC : 2-2
    ??Fc vs ismail kocadag : 2-0

    I wonder if the games will have the same scores or not. If they'll have the same score, then it means everything here is nothing. Tactics, formations and so on.

    I'll wait and then write the score here. It will explain us more...


    After real games the scores in simulation was changed:

    Extiyar FC vs Club El Verde : 2-1
    TRABZONSPOR vs hapis ain FC : 2-1
    ??Fc vs ismail kocadag : 1-3
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    league games for today was simulated in prolonged daily maintenance and the results deleted from the league about an hour later. stats from those game remain in the database, (player cards, training gain, goals scored, etc)
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