i used 4-1-2-1-2 ND against 4-4-2 classic and his quality is 58 and mine is 61. and the results of cup match was this..
How can that even happen. 4-4-2 so powerful or undefeatable?-untitled.jpg

has this 4-4-2 classic become almost unbeatable in top eleven now?

i won first round by 3:1 but in second round 7:3 in his favor is like madness. i got 5 star one-on-one stopper goalkeeper and all his shots flew in for goals. it is so annoying. i used normal mentality to keep things simple. but everytime this happens with me in cup and i am kicked out in the very first round of cup. Nordeus needs to change this in their game engine.

can anybody explain this?