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Thread: 1 minute remaining - Game not starting

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    1 minute remaining - Game not starting

    Hi All,
    Just thought I'd post a bug/issue which I'm having today.

    My first league game was meant to start at 10:15 today, but then it got down to "less than 1 minute" and is still stuck at "less than 1 minute".

    My score etc on the league table hasn't updated, and from the looks the other teams in my draw haven't had their games either (Even though they were also scheduled for 10:15).

    I've tried relogging/refreshing the page as well as logging in from my phone, however neither changed anything.

    I assume that it's a problem where the time the game is scheduled for is the server time, rather than the local time (GMT+7), but that the client is still reading from local time. But if anyone can confirm for me, that'd be awesome.
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    I think you have the reason, report it to support: Nordeus Support
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