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Thread: January 12'th - Lost the league

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    Unhappy January 12'th - Lost the league

    Hello, i logged in January 12th, and i noticed that i had won my league because my final game was 3-0 .. And i didnt have to worry about my players health anymore, because they could now rest till the season finally ends, and i would get my first trophy with nr "1" on it. SADLY later i log on, i had 3-4 tired players after my first won game... So suddenly i had lost 4-0 to the team i won 3-0 against.. I WAS CRUSHED!?!?!?!.. I had no subs, and i didnt even know i was going to play 2 games in one day.. I'm very pissed that i didnt win my league as nr "1" .. I was 2 points in front of nr 2. in league .. At least if i had knew about this, i would have bought some tokens and healed my players.. But oh no, i cant predict the future..

    What am i supposed to do about this. Many days of hard work, to end up as nr "2" when i already had won the league with 2 points .. and later on lost with 1 points ??

    Makes no sense .. I also contacted the game, but they don't want to reply for 2 days now..

    Regards ..

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    there was a technical issue,it seems during the night update the matches were simulated,so they had to delete those and everybody played the match again.bad things happen sometimes