Hey guys!

Here is the thing...

I guess i won a poll, the word SUCCESS appeared after my latest bid, so player must be mine then...
But the player is not mine, he is not in the list of my players.
I spent 2 tokens on it and it was expected to be out of contract because i had 22 players, so i was gonna sell one and sign contract to him after that.
When i saw hes not in the list i came back to transfer list and it said SUCCESS again, so i refreshed the web and then entered again the transfers list, and saw this:

Error in a poll-top-eleven-ruben-espinosa.jpg

Do it happened to someone you guys? What do i have to do? is there a server failure or bug or something?
I want the player first of all. But i want a solution from Nordeus RIGHT NOW.

Thank you!!