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Thread: Problems keep coming... TOKENS

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    Problems keep coming... TOKENS

    Well... im a student who dont prefer to spend much money on games....
    Lets start:

    I saved like 25 tokens in 16 days(Proud of myself). I know its difficult to buy players on auction but with this internet issue its like.. impossible! Like more people added a topic, i was at round 12 and wanted to place a bet while the timer was at 5 seconds!!! U know what happend next.... i lost the bidding and i lost 12 tokens for absolutly nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sooo yesterday i thought lets once spend money on a game... i bought tokens for REAL MONEY!! And unfortunally the same thing happend again. When comes the time someone fix this problem? Or maybe get rid of those S****Y tokens, and try to think of something new!

    I really like the game... but some things are so stupid that at the same time I like it... I also HATE it!

    Btw; it happend on my mobile... but my internet was 100% fully working. How are u guys gonna fix this? And can I get my tokens back where I payed for!!!!??

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    If you wait to bid, this can happen. There will be internet lag, no matter how good your connection. I am on cruddy connect right now but at home I have super fast internet, my ping less than a second. And I never wait to bid. If you really want the player, bid as soon as you can to be included in the next round. The auction is part of the competition within the game, and how you approach it is up to you. I myself try to avoid bidding wars, at least when I want to conserve tokens, I try to look during server slow time, and bid only on players no one else has. I generally spend only a couple T for a player on the TL.
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