Hello everybody, I have a BIG problem.

I installed and i started to play in top 11 on my galaxy s4 by installing the app, before to discover that I could play it on facebook as well. My team is called FC TOSIAC, and the manager name is: Fabio Vizzarro (my real name). The problem is that I have been improving my team on the app on the phone..spending more than 100 pounds and concentrating quiet a lot on it...(being honest). Few days ago THINKING that i could unifie my team in the app with facebook account, i created a facebook team called exactly the same...and, obviuosly same name manager, but the result was that it gave me a new team, starting from the beninning with different players and everything. So...because i wanted to continue with the team on the app (because i have been spending money on it) i just left the team associate on facebook, without working on it.

This evening, and actually less than one hour ago, I went on FRIENDS section on the application game because i wanted to add some friends. But I couldn't add anybody because obviously my team on the app it wasn't the one connected on facebook.

The problem is that i tried to connect my app team on facebook to add some friends and make some friendly match BUT my app TOP 11 saved the team that I created before on facebook..and unified the facebook team with app team.

So now i have on the app the team that I never played with, and I CAN'T use anymore the team which I have been using all the time, and spending a lot of money on it.

I want to receive my first FC TOSIAC back, and associate THAT ONE on facebook account, and NOT the FC TOSIAC that I created later and which I'm not using.

Hopefullu someday can help me..I have been supporting this game with money and now because of this all the money that I spent been lost.

Looking forward to read solutions please...

(sorry if I'm not clear enough, just let me know)