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    Is anyone else experiencing problems with injuries - So far this season i have had the same player (DMC) injured 3 times - first time was in the Cup right at the end of the match on 14th Jan , i decided to use some health to recover him from his injury.
    i recently went back into that match and there appears no record of this player being injured, (had 2 injuries in that game DMC and MC) to top this the next game after the cup match on the 15th the same player was injured again after 11 minutes, i decided to change my formation to 442 until the player recovered. He recovered on the 17th and on the 18th suffered another injury after 8 minutes with same player who was injured in the cup, the players were out for 2 days and 3 days respectively.

    As it was very late in the evening i decided to wait till the following day until after updates that evening expecting my players injuries to be reduced by one day each. To my surprise this was not the case, the players were still showing 2 and 3 days injuries. Now this game cost you money if you want to do well, and issues like this is stealing money from me and i object to that.

    It was like recently around the 12th when there was an issue with the server and a number of people had issues with injuries some of which had 2 injuries or more and all the service provider could offer was one pack of injuries.

    This has now become a preverbal Joke, on the 19th Jan i just received another injury to the other player (MC) who was in the previous Cup match, thats two players (DMC and MC) who both had 3 injuries each and the season just started.
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    I think I've had more injuries than usual at the start of this season, but not recurring injuries to the same player. What I do is wait until the next day to heal him, and then I only start using him again the day after that, so all in all, he misses only the remainder of the first day and the whole second day. I allow the system to run the daily maintenance so that they can log that he's injured and then that he's fit, you can never be too careful.
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    my key MC has just recovered from Injury, played one match and got injuried again for 4 days. WTF?