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Thread: transfer problems

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    transfer problems

    Firstly this is the 3rd time in 2 days. so not a one off.

    Today i was bidding on a player, in the 11th round when i went to click on the bid button(around 13 seconds left) a message came up saying please wait, this stayed up for around 5 seconds, when it went it stated bit could not be accepted, message went and as i went to bit again i noticed the auction had ended.

    I have lost nearly 40 tokens over these couple of days to this.

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    That is a big bummer. There's a couple things that can cause problems when bidding. One is your clock, the clock of whatever machine you are bidding from needs to match the server. If it is off from the server it will cause problems. Here's an article by support to explain how to fix that: Synchronizing time on your computer : Nordeus Support

    The other would be internet or memory problems.. reset your router, make sure there is *nothing* else running/online when you are trying to bid.

    If you continue with issues, take a screen shot and put in a request for support: Nordeus Support
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    Hi there,

    While bidding player using mobile (android) in the knockout round, the bid button turn white (not green) even though I still have lots of token (more than 30T after saving them the season before) and there are more than 15-20 seconds left (the bid button simply change to white when it suppose to be green). It usually happen in 3rd knockout round onwards. This is frustrating because I already bid in the qualifying round and earlier knockout round. It's like Nordeus won't let me bid after few knockout rounds and I lose earlier tokens for nothing when I can challenge the other bidder.

    May I know exactly what is the problem as to why the bidding icon remain or change to white in the knockout rounds even though I have lots of token?

    Thank you for any replies.

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    condolences, thí is a game error, you can contacttechnical support to questions.
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