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    stop beeing idiots and retarded a big part of you and allways asking why some players get more money for playing cup matches ...fist read rulles !!!!!!! if it's anyone else that asks this stupid question i kill him is so hard to understand that they got1.5 milion per game because they play with lvl 8, lvl 11, lvl 12 teams and have no chance to win ..not even get to semi or quaterfinals

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    u crazy!?
    all of player play a long time, all of them know all the situation!?
    This forum is useful for me or new player, i can konw more about this game when i ask something i don't know.

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    Please don't resort to flaming or insults. That's not what the forums are for. There are a lot of players who are still new to the game and who are still trying to discover all the features. Learning is part of being a good Top 11 manager. If you would like to lower the amount of samey questions, feel free to make something a like Community FAQ, or just ignore the threads with the questions that you don't like.

    These forums are still fresh and once we're all settled in, my guess is that there will be less and less of posts asking basic questions. And if not, the forums are also here to help new players (and we always have new players).

    Locking this thread.