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Thread: No morale offer video's to watch since last update?

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    No morale offer video's to watch since last update?


    Since the last update I've not been able to get any moral boosters by watching video's. Every single time it says no offers at this time and has been like this for about 5 days since the last update. My squad is struggling with morale and I dont have a ton of random friends because I like to have a different set of people in my league each time.

    Why have the offers gone, I'm now having to use tokens to by packs of morale after each game.

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    it depends on your region, the mine works well.
    in waiting, creat an account, level 1 and play with it, you'll win 3 morale pack a match if you won 5-0 or more
    Palaiseau FC in Sever 46
    season 28, level 28

    competition Played 1st 2nd top4 last win current season(*)
    League 28 19 6 2 season 27 .....
    Champions league 26 7 1 6 season 25 ........
    Cup 26 2 2 3 season 7 .......
    (*) updated at 1-June-2015

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    You mean create another account in level 1?
    I though it might be no adverts/vid to watch, bit annoying as it's coming up for a week with no offers.

    Going to be a tough season 7 as I didnt qualify for CL and went out cup 1st round on away goals. Now just the league, not sure I've the money to pay the wages.

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    Tank the season, sell the players you do not whant to keep, and reduce the squad to only 14 to 16 players, try to rebalance your finance.

    Other option is like it was writhen, create other account and play friendlies, or if you have the luck to hav a friend with a abandoned team even better, to do that you need 22 players squad, to not risk injurys in your Best players, buy free agents or older players.
    You then can win boosters and money from the tickets.