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Thread: 'Must Score'

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    'Must Score'

    Hi guys, I've noted this elsewhere but feel I should mention it just incase it's a problem/bug. It may not be at all but just wanted to mention it anyway.

    Basically, I've lately noticed during commentary that when it says ....... 'Must score' the player misses the target, I've played 5 seasons up to now and usually, that commentary was followed 90% of the time with a GOAL. Now, I can honestly say it has NEVER been followed by a goal. For atleast a good week or so anyway. At first I thought was it just poor form by my strikers or whatever but I actually seem to be noticing even opponents are missing year opportunities. Furthermore, when watching other games in my league I'm seeing the same thing.

    It may be as you intended, I just feel it seems unrealistic. If the commentary says must score, ten surely a goal should be scored more often than a miss......

    Just my opinion of course.

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    Haha then "Must score" should be changed to "a good chance to score"....."but it clips the post and goes out"