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Thread: connection problem ipad1 update

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    connection problem ipad1 update


    today i updated on my ipad to the latest version of the t11-app.
    from this moment on, no logging in is possible anymore.

    (connection terminated, retry?) ... something like this, i play in german.

    its an ipad1 (yeah, brandnew :- ) ) with ios 5.1.1 (nothing more is supported by ipad1)
    coldstart does not fix the problem, closing all the other apps does not fix the problem.

    yeah, internet is working, no problem of the router - on pc everything is working nice.

    so is there any possibility getting back the last (working) version?
    anybody else with this problem?

    would appreciate help very much,
    greets from austria, wolf

    EDIT. after 2 days of not working, t11 started to work again without any changes in system/router.
    looks like some problems, they have ... in my eyes. (ok, also of always working apple-stuff. ... sarcastic... ) just4info, wolf
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