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Thread: can't send a gift to a specific friend

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    can't send a gift to a specific friend

    Dear TopEleven's supporters,
    I'm having a problem with a specific friend which can not recieve \ send a gift.
    My friend bought the new black&white uniform in the market for 9 Tokens and was trying to send it to me as a gift and he couldn't find my name in his TopEleven's friends so he sent a permission to me and I accepted it but the game still do not identify me as his game's friend.

    I organaized a friendly game with him (I can see him on my game friends' list in the computer and not in my cellphone) and when it was done i got into the rotation's button and it still shows: [TheNameOfMyTeam] 8:0 [empty rectangle] which means that the bug still exist.

    I hope some of you guys will help me to solve this problem

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    Yesterday it was a contest with that jerseys hosted by an user and they send it so it's wierd if you have this problem go to support page Nordeus | Play anywhere, anytime and ask them.
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