Matchmaker referral tasks requires for example

Your referrals watched 100 Live Matches. 15/100

Ref1 - 10
Ref2 - 5

So it calculates from all referrals their watched games, now what about this task:

Business School

Your referrals won 20 auction transfers. 10/20

Ref1 - 10
Ref2 - 5

My question is, why did not calculate auctions won from all my referrals as it did with watched matches?

On the other hand, Media Tutor makes no sense at all, this is how it looks at me

Media Tutor 8/32
Ref1 - 4/32
Ref2 - 3/32
Ref3 - 3/32

And last Ticket Sale task

Ticked Sales 2/6k

Ref1 has 2000
Ref2 has 1000
Ref3 has 200

When Ref1 comes to 6k i will get reward from task and it will ask for more ticked sales to get next reward, so when other referrals achieve 6k sales nothing happens, either calculate ticked sales from all referrals, or give rewards for each ref when achieves 6k ticked sales(in this case), same goes for Business School task.