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Thread: Not able to bid after first round?

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    Not able to bid after first round?

    So I was bidding on this player, and I was the last one who bid. So then the next round started, 20 seconds or so, and I was unable to click on the bid button, whats this?? I have plenty of tokens, plenty of money.. How is this possible? I was bidding on a 3 star player to downgrade my team. Why? I have had problems before, one time though, when I couldnt click on the bid button when having enough resources. Any ideas? Only level 12 and lvl 13 players are bidding on players like this but whatever.
    Strangely enough, nobody bids after me so I won it in the end, =D THANKFULLY. Or is it not a coincedence that I won? Is it maybe thats why I won it, cus they all closed their window or something and thats why I couldnt click on the bid button?
    PS. Im the Bot guy in the pic.
    Regards, the smartest topeleven player around. Sssssh.

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    Bot Bot is one of the best names I have seen in this game! As for the bid button I have no idea, I know other people have problem with this and sometimes it is because the time on your computer is off. Other then that i have no idea

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