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Thread: Cannot Access Support Page with Facebook Log-in.

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    Cannot Access Support Page with Facebook Log-in.

    Good night everyone,

    Well, I'm experiencing a problem that is getting me lazy actually. I go top Top Eleven - Be a Football (Soccer) Manager and I choose the support option, then it takes me to a new fresh page wich I go to top right and click on Log-in and then it gives me options about how to connect, I choose Log In with Facebook (Since I have a ticket sent to Nordeus from that mode) and it simple doesn't log-in. It just refresh the page.

    That's happening for someone else? What's going on?

    I bought Tokens with banking tickets (via my country available) by facebook method wich is giving me a GREAT headache because I can't receive my tokens. (And I already payed for it 1 week ago). So yeah, I need to log-in to check what's their answer to my ticket and to see if I can get my Tokens as fast as possible.

    Thanks everyone. I hope someone can help me there (If there's any kind of help for this lol)

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    you can contact them via email
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