For 2 weeks i've received my team. Leaving apart that the match engine remains a complete unknown for me(if the results will remain the same i'll write about that in a different thread), i try to find out if the notes do mean anything.

From the start of the game i had 2 MCs (21 years and 16 quality and 20 years and 15 quality are the actual skills). The slightly better one has only 4 and 5 note recieved, while the other one had only 6+. I've tried all possible solutions: changed the sides, different arrows, even DMC position. The notes after the games were the same.

Many of you may say: yeah, it didn't suit your style, his wife is pregnant and he doesn't think clear or he drunk to much last night, but the funny thing happend in the last two games. I've substituted him(the one that is playing allaways like crap) in the second half and both times have recieved the comment:
Sarbu verlässt den Platz nach einem hervorragenden Spiel. Für ihm kommt Sevdaliev. I think as translation would be something like: "Sarbu left the field after and excellent match. For him came Sevdaliev". What does it mean excellent game? Well he got both times the note 5! So the question from the title remains: Which is wrong?!? Does the note reflect what happens on the field? Is the commentary random? Has top eleven anything to do with tactic or is 100% random?