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Thread: Transfer Market Problem ?

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    So today i was watching a player on the transfer market on my phone, to be sure i would get him i jumped up and went to the computer which is already up and running, T11 loads up on FB and i got straight to the market but every player on that list is completely different from the one that was on my phone....... i dont understand how this would happen if there was 5 minutes left on the auction... the computer and phone are on the same internet connection....anyone care to explain ????
    i know its only a game but it p'd my off because it keeps happening

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    did you put him on your favorites. When there is a lot of traffic on the transfer market, they sometimes can only show a portion of all the players on the market. And as soon as you refresh or use a different computer/phone, you can get a new list without a certain player. That is unless you put him in your favorites

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    Just to add to RJSlow answer if you have lost the player then you can keep on refreshing until you see him again......
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