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Thread: Football shirts

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    Question Football shirts

    I bought 2 new football shirts, but i cant use both at the same time as Local or Visitant. One of them stays out all the time.

    For example, New shirt 1 (Local) Default shirt (Visitant), so i try to replace the Default shirt for the New shirt 2, and and automatically, the Default shirt, puts as (Local) and the New shirt 2 as (Visitant), then i try again and try to change the New shirt 1 with the Default shirt (Local) and happens the same, the game puts the Default shirt again as (Visitant) and removes the New shirt 2.

    I hope someone can help me with this or else i want my tokens back because i couldnt find the FAQ, Help, Rule or what ever explaining that specific point.

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    It because the base color of the shirts is the same.
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