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Thread: [Paymentez] Weird behavior

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    [Paymentez] Weird behavior


    I'm trying to pay with paymentez, but every time I want to make a Payment I received the same message.

    The message say something like "You payment was rejected by your Bank, try to calling your bank ..."

    But the thing is, I don't even put my credit card yet, how they know about what is my bank?

    The thing is I made other payments with Paymentez, in some days this thing works .

    In Argentina we have severals problems with foreign payments, and maybe this problem is releated with this, but I really like have token for the beginning of the season.

    Can you allow Argentina buy token via Mercado Pago, or Dineromail?

    Few weeks ago, Paymentez allowed add money through, this options is not more available, I don't know why. Maybe you can use Adyen directly without Paymentez in the middle.

    I putted the same issue in the Paymentez's support but No one replies me

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    This is the Forum. I think this is a question for Nordeus Support.

    I myself use paypal and have never had a problem, it takes from credit card or bank.
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