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Thread: Facebook linking

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    Facebook linking

    Once I load Top Eleven it attempts to login and pops up the selection of "Connect with Facebook" or "Let me play." When I choose Facebook it does not login and I receive: network error, Problem connecting Top Eleven with Facebook. When I click let me play, it says Top Eleven is already linked and shows my Facebook profile picture with a green check mark next to it, asking if I want to use it. I try that and it stills says the same error. I have already signed out and back in on Facebook using safari, as well as the Facebook application.

    I'm on season 10 of Top Eleven. I have the application on an iPhone 4S and have never played the game on any other device besides once to see what the game was like on a laptop. I login and play on a daily basis and have seen the same error happen but I'm always able to select connect with Facebook and it logs in on the first attempt.

    I have a game at 1:15 today(1 hour from now) and it's a cup game I need to play. Any help please? :-(
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    Sorry it's probably a bit late, but try completely closing both FB & T11 (double tap the Home button, then slide up the app you want to close).