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Thread: Just joined but team my has played before

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    Just joined but team my has played before

    Hello this is my first post having recently joined top eleven (22/12/2014) & this forum today. I installed top 11 on the 22/12/14 yet my team has already played games which I cannot understand. I would like to know if anyone can tell me why this has happened. Unfortunately my team is bottom of the league however i have managed good results since joining but seems like a huge task now to climb the league. Just would of been good to start on 0 games played like everyone else or at least a warning message.


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    In T11.... whn u join u r given one of the BOT teams.... u can strt on 0 only if u join on season beginning day

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    Yes since the Season had already started, your Team will have played matches. The Season starts on the same day for everyone playing, so there is no other way to manager people starting at different times.
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