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Thread: Match bug - different result???

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    Match bug - different result???

    Today i had a match and i won with 2-3. Unfortunately 5 minutes later i checked my profile and i saw that the rezult is 2-2. please help me, what can i do ?? I want my 3 points !!

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    When the server crashes the results are determined without the managers' input and without supporters bonus.

    It doesn't happen very often, but you can see that with you being the result would be different. The result will stand, they do not reschedule crashed matches.
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    Another option: often when I have slow connection on internet my mobile app freezes. If my player scores a goal at that time it doubles it on the app (but not in reality, sadly) so I see wrong score. If same player appears to have scored twice at same time this could be what happened to you. Maybe it's what cat said tho