Is it my Iphone and my FB account or its general problem for everyone?

I haven't seen anyone mentioned it but in all my games, no matter how many shots on target my team or my opponent have on goal, the save stat remains 0 or 1 at most. Is this why all my goalies average 5-6 rating? Before we move on to updating and adding more depth to the game, the DEVs should fix the problems with the current version. One more thing, the DEVs know anything about football or sport in general? Shot efficiency is based on goals scored per shots on target??? If anything the efficiency percentage should be shots on goal/shots taken...or atleast goals/overall shots taken.

Nordeous you got so many people playing this game, don't slack off until some other company come out with another and better football manager game. Better yet, take some of us on the forum as staff and we'll help you maintain the position you are in right now!

Sorry Admin if I posted this in the wrong topic. Feel free to move it to the correct topic or PM me I will correct it. Thanks in advance.