Hello There!

Bored with a fact that i cannot achieve free packages (fe: green for resting) from free offers... I have only 2 branches and its probably broken because when i hit them the following text appears on it: currently Tapjoy and supersonic offering free packages. "There are no offers ... blabla"

Today i spoke with my friend who currently residents in Germany (former hungarian buddy) and he told me hes got 4 -> >>>FOUR OFFERS<<< and they are working like the charm! I said "what the ..."? I completely trust him, so i gave him my account and asked him log in with id from his phone... Done... GUESS WHAT ---> GOT 4 OFFERs and he clicked 8 packages from them!

Im using hungarian provider (Telenor hungary) and living in hungary and im using Samsung Note 3
He is using german provider (O2 germany) and he is living in germany and he is using iphone 6
does it count?
(plz dont start a flame about andorid vs ios topic )

it's outrageous! is this a bug or a discrimination or a local problem???

I feel any other player from "west" countries has a huge advantage* vs me and my fellow buddies from "central or east"

*do the math in long term: if he is getting 8 or 4 packages and i got ZERO package every day...

Thank u guys!


(sad guy from hungary)