I completed an offer through them and didn't receive my tokens.

I contacted them with the correct information for my completed offer but they sent me the following
" Thank you for your inquiry. It appears that you have been looking into more offerwalls than we originally designed for your location. If you think you received this message in an error, please reply to this email and try to convince us you did not use proxies"

I have no idea what proxies are? wtf?
After countless emails it appears that when using this game through my school library offers written in (asian writing) not sure what language appear. They ask me how did they get there.

How would i know!!! its there system, there error, i cant even read it.

Anyway is this yet another way to get out of giving tokens?? Is there anyone i can talk to? (not automated stupid responses) or should i just forget it and never use them.

Cant stand to be accused of something i didn't do and for their own errors.