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Thread: Match Report - Statistics (readability issue)

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    Exclamation Match Report - Statistics (readability issue)

    This has to do with latest Android version (3.1.1)

    When you go to fixtures tab and select a finished game, then the Match Report screen shows up.
    There, you select the Statistics tab.

    There is a serious readability problem though!
    Background is white and text foreground color (numbers) is also white, making also improssible to read the numbers of total shots, corners, etc. on the left and right of the bars!

    See screenshot below!

    Match Report - Statistics (readability issue)-screenshot_5.jpg

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    Indeed that white colour isn't the best idea, maybe black will fit better. Already have been reported to our devs, thanks!
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    Its a simple issue to fix and im wondering why they havent bothered till now.