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Thread: My players aren't aging.

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    My players aren't aging.

    Edit - apparently you are already aware of this issue. Never mind.

    So, none of my players aged at the beginning of the new season. I figured they would, and I was wondering why they didn't, but I wasn't too concerned. Now, after reading several forum posts here, I am thinking that there is definitely a bug.

    This is the screenshot I took of my team at the end of day 28 of last season, for statistical purposes:
    My players aren't aging.-top-eleven-hyenas-fc-year-end.jpg

    And here is a screenshot of my team, sorted by age, that I took just now:
    My players aren't aging.-hyenas-roster-y2-no-aging.jpg

    Notice how a lot of the 18-year-olds on my current roster were also on my team last year. Notice also that they still have 3 years on their contracts.

    I also keep records of the age, stats, etc. of every player I ever sign. I have gone through every player on my roster, and not a single one has aged.

    Further, one of my original players, Adrian Posmyk, whom I sold to a friend early last season, actually has aged:
    My players aren't aging.-greg-fc-posmyk.jpg

    He is 22 now, and he was definitely 21 when I sold him.
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