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Thread: Booster gift double verify issue

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    Jan 2014

    Booster gift double verify issue

    Am I the only one that still have this very annoying and persistant bug, were I have to double verify twice before returning gift boosters.

    Booster gift double verify issue-bug.jpgBooster gift double verify issue-bug2.jpg

    (totally like old windows versions, sure you want too delete the selected file - this can influence your system, still delete? - YEEEEES !
    Booster gift double verify issue-download.jpg
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    Have the same issue.. Gets a bit frustrating at times....
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    I see this the few times i play on the web version.

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    I get it all the time, except when I send gifts to FB friends only. Also, i have this happen in two other FB games... which leads me to conclusion it is a FB permissions db that is not updating correctly.
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    Jan 2015
    Same here it's very annoying

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    Actually this is a request and when you send a request to somebody that you never did before you will get that pop-up message from Facebook, is not something that the game can control it.

    It's enough to have 1 friend like that and you will get that window.
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