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Thread: Tokens are paid, but in game didn't appear

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    Tokens are paid, but in game didn't appear

    iOS 9, iPhone 5.
    I'm started to buy pack "80 tokens", but on my credit card was not enough money. Message was something like «There was a problem with you credit card. Check details and try again.». I'm going via PC to my internet bank and transfer money to credit card. After it click OK on dialog window "check details", after it again ok on something like "You are want to buy pack 80 tokens".
    After this tokens was paid, but in game didn't appear (checked from iPad, iPhone and MacBook via Chrome).

    P.S. Of course i checked my bank account, receipt, iTunes account charge and report about this issue, but there 24h left and no any message that my issue in processing...

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    Contact our support team at they should be able to provide a better help.

    Do not forget to add your facebook profile ID and everything you did so far. Good luck!
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