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    Transfer game on iphone to kindle fire

    I have the TE game on my iphone. however,the new updates wont be supporting my ios anymore (i have an older gen iphone) so the game is constantly crashing and sometimes wont load anymore.

    what i would like to know is, can i transfer my current game, ive been playing for months now so i have lots of seasons under my belt so it will be a shame if i cannot get my game onto the kindle fire. so much so that i will probably just quit as have to start a whole new game.

    let me know if this is possible please and if so how to do it. many thanks


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    I don't know whether it can or not, maybe you can try the mobile transfer app, which is able to directly transfer files between two phones at ease, no matter they are of the same operating systems or different!
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    Forgive my ignorance but why should this be a concern? Isnt the club and manager history stored on Nordeus servers and as long as you give the correct login credentials the game will follow you to your new phone no matter what?

    Its just like playing on mobile and then accessing the game on browser whe you want, you dont lose anything.

    Isnt this the way it works?

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    You can transfer your team as long as you have it linked to your Facebook (or Google+ if you have Android) account.

    Please check this entry.

    REMEMBER: that's the only way to transfer a team, manually copying / moving files won't do it. If you are playing as Guest, you HAVE TO first link your team to Facebook or you will lose everything, as Guest teams are stored locally in your device.

    On the other hand, Top Eleven doesn't support Kindle devices. It used to support it in the past, with the older version of Top Eleven, but that changed a while ago. So you won't be able to play in your Kindle.

    The requirements to play are the following:

    - Android v4.0.3 or higher
    - iOS v7.0 or higher (iPhone 4 / iPad 2 / iPod Touch 5th generation running this version at least)