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Thread: Problem with tokens reward

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    Problem with tokens reward

    Hello, I completed 2 days ago the survey sampling from SSI, by clicking on their banner which is on the right side of the game main screen.
    I should get 6 tokens, but I received none. I completed all their questions.
    Also, I want to complain about the survey companies which advertise on your page. Many of them ask a lot of questions and after you answer them you get a message which tells you are not the intended target for their surveys. I think they are perfectly able to identify their targets in less than 4 questions. My opinion is they are completing their surveys and then lie about you not being the target. You get no token rewards, of course.
    All the surveys I tried to complete in the last week behaved this way. A lot of completed questions, then "sorry", then wasted time for me, gained a completed survey for the company and the Nordeus team takes their cash from the advertising company. In the end, I am the only one who gets nothing. Everyone in the same position, speak up!
    SSI, you owe me 6 tokens for a complete survey. I want nothing for the "uncompleted" ones. I just want them to disappear and the advertisers to behave in a correct manner.

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    Me too didn't get any reward after downloading App from Google play.......
    I should get 3 tokens but got nothing.... This is really fake

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    Earlier token earning was fine but now no gurantee