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Thread: unbelievable shot efficiency

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    unbelievable shot efficiency

    my last 3 games was frustrating, but today game make me furious:
    unbelievable shot efficiency-g1.jpg
    i was winning 2-0, but lost with opponent scores goal from every shot on target! (possession bonus was +12 for me) my opponent is stronger than my team, so maybe its not so strange, but yesterday games was similar:
    unbelievable shot efficiency-g2.jpg
    opponent average quality is 25, mine is 30,4 (possession bonus was +8 for me). i was winning 2-1, but start loosing 2-3 and opponent has scored 3 goals from 3 shots on target! after that i've change formation for offensive and lost 2 more goals. his efficiency start decreasing in last 10 minutes when i've loosing 2-4 and put all my options to attack.
    next game:
    unbelievable shot efficiency-g3.jpg
    team was stronger than me, but they lead 2-0 with over 80% shot efficiency! (possession bonus was +3 for me) from that point i've change formation to atack, so he has more shot chances and decrease efficiency.

    this game is really trying to discourage me for it.

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    so its like that with everybody...You see the saves stats? I never see a GK make more than 4 saves, and look at the score-shots on target vs saves...don't make sense.