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Thread: Impossible results, game engine, illegal formations, and so on.

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    Impossible results, game engine, illegal formations, and so on.

    p.s.: game engine is rigged. despite a certain degree of weirdness, it should be impossible for abandoned teams displaying out-of-roles players (DC as goalkeeper, STs as defenders, GKs as forwards and so on) to fight on par with active ones. With 10-15 quality dfference favouring the active one, there as been SEVERAL cases of draws (0-0) and even SEVERAL cases of losing againt the abandoned team (even with goalkeepers acting as forwards scoring, or the player playing as goalkeeper being an st scoring). The same goes for illegal formations: given quality difference favouring the legal user, it should be imposible to lose having 80% ball posses or even tying. Still, illegal formation even win againt p2p active. On the forums will be further discussed this serie of happenings,and whether or nor could be still ok spending money on the game given such circumstances. We ask you to take care of these things as customers.
    Thanks for your time.
    This is a part of a ticket i sent to support few minutes ago. We perfectly know that they could care less about someone going around kicking the ball for it, but i think WE should actually be heard out for once. Lately rigged results, weird happenings, impossible losses, injuries have been tweaking our fun into playing T11.

    I hereby advice and purpose us forum members (representing i think a good deal of the p2p's out there) to pre-make a ticket marked as "feedback", one and only one, same for everyone, and send it ALL to support at once. Might surely be ignored, but it would be still better than hanging around bitching about this and that.

    I would like to ue this thread to set a number of points to be discused in the "wholesome ticket" so we can build it togheter. So if you like the idea, and are willing to cooperate, share your like and opinions here. thank you :P

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    Since I lost my CL final against an inactive/abandoned team last season I knew that this game was a veiled moneymaking scam...Now I just play it for the fun and pastime.

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    I do love this topic.
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    Illl send it as well, doesn't hurt to try
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    I kinda wish we could get more prize money, that's about all.

    If you insist, I guess illegal formations could be tweaked somewhat. I think if they have tons of players out of position, then they should lose, more than teams that have everyone in position but in an illegal formation.

    The difference between sides has been changed as well. If I can beat a team with a few scouts, even a full scout team, with my 5* team, that'd be fine, but between me and full 3* and 7* teams, chances should be minimal, the winner should be clear.
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    I lost 7-1 once to a team of 3* with my 5* team.. disgrace, (my first season)
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    I love the game and think there is no misleading results, never had a strange result or insperado, who does not like the game or not playing just think ruin it!.

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    I agree that some of the results are a little dubious, especially revolving around illegal formations and stand in GK's in particular. I'd like to think that some players can play reasonably well out of position ML playing at DML or DR at DMR etc but where it involves stand in GK's and GK's in the outfield, I think the penalties in the game engine should be more severe than they currently appear to be. For the most part I have found the results consistent but a few do cause me to wonder if the game engine might need some tweaking, but I dont want to see out of position outfield players penalised heavily as a midfielder can often do a decent job in defense and vice versa based on their stats and in real life we often see this even though that may not be their preferred position.