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Thread: New Update 09.05.2016.

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    New Update 09.05.2016.

    After the last season, when I saw, for the first time since I started (22nd season), benefits of my involvement in the game (being present at every single game, training my players hard, watching hundreds of commercials, etc) I woke up this morning with a new update, which doesn't have offers anymore for the free rests and boosters.

    Hopefully this will change in day or two. Otherwise I don't see how can I play two competitive games a day without it.

    Anyway, after every update I found myself frustrated thinking of quitting the game. Every time company is taking little bit of fun out of game in favour of profits. It seams, watching commercials wasn't enough for them. If there's no offers, I need or to pay with real money or to quick the game.

    Btw. I run two teams. I never spend time for the second one. Almost never watch the game, no support, never substitute. Last season I won the league and the cup with both teams. This says it all, really.
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    I was never able to obtain any tokens or packs from offers since I started playing this game last year (2015). This year (2016), I had to deal with excessive injuries and so on with limited resources only. I did use some bought tokens to heal some injuries but I can't keep on buying tokens to turn into red packs. I was forced to sell many players and buy others because I had no other choice. At some point, I could not even buy other players because the tokens were used up.

    Maybe now some users will see how it is difficult (and also annoying) to play this game as it is when you are in the same situation as me.
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    New update has caused me a problem too. I (My Family) play 3 games (3 separate teams) on 3 separate facebooks. Used to be able to log off game 1 on TE; Log off on Facebook; Log on another facebook top eleven App for game/team 2 (Still using the same iphone) then log on to Top Eleven (TE) for game/team 2 but it doesn't work now. Still stays as the original game (game/team 1). This happens on our IPAD 4; IPHONE5 & IPHONE 6. Can you help please?